What I’m working on this week (Aug 13 – 17)

Ready for another week? I am! I had a massively productive week last week, with the highlight being that I wrapped up a huge project for a client that I’ve been working on since January. What an awesome relief to finally have it all done. I tend to do really well with “sprint” projects, and […]

Small business strategy question: What is it about your business or industry that keeps you awake at night?

In a previous blog post, I listed 100 small business strategy questions that an entrepreneur can answer to help them grow their business successfully. Question #100 was: “What is it about your business or industry that keeps you awake at night?” Before I talk about the answers you might have, I want to first say […]

What are the qualities of a successful sales funnel?

The most important part of building a business is creating a sales funnel around the problem you solve for your target market. Your sales funnel will articulate how you’ll attract that target market to your business and ultimately sell them your product or service. But how do you know if your sales funnel is working? […]

Sherlock Holmes had Moriarty… Who is your villain?

Branding has traditionally been thought of as defining who you are, and there are many branding techniques and methods that start with you defining what your business’ purpose is and then working outwards from that central point to identify the brand. But it’s worth considering what your brand is not. It’s worth thinking about the […]

Mining in Manitoba — What is mined and where is it mined?

Disclaimer: I am an investment writer with an interest in the resource industry. I am not a Professional Geologist or licensed financial advisor. I do own investments in some Manitoba-based mining companies and will disclose this information when relevant. Please always do your own due diligence before making any decisions that affect your portfolio.   […]