How to do due diligence on a junior resource company

How can investors value a junior resource company so that they know whether or not they should invest in it? While mowing the lawn, you see your neighbor so you walk over to him, lean on the fence, and chat for a while. He asks you, “So have you heard about ABC Gold Exploration Inc? […]

What I’m working on this week (Aug 20 – 24)

I can’t believe this is the third week of the month. Yikes! Time flies when you’re having fun. These 10000 word-count days (which I try to do on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) are a lot of fun. I love them and I haven’t looked forward to work this much in a long time. They really […]

What 1001 blog posts taught me about blogging

The last blog post (posted a couple of days ago entitled: “Small business strategy question: What does your business do? And what does your business sell?“) was blog post #1001. Technically I’ve written more blog posts than this but I lost a bunch when I switched from Blogger to WordPress a few years ago. WHAT […]

Small business strategy questions: What does your business do? And, What does your business sell?

Recently, I posted a list of 100 Small Business Strategy questions that every entrepreneur should ask themselves from time to time. The very first two questions of the list are… What does your business do? What does your business sell? Those questions are related yet different, and you need to answer them at the same […]