What I’m working on this week (Aug 13 – 17)

Ready for another week? I am!

I had a massively productive week last week, with the highlight being that I wrapped up a huge project for a client that I’ve been working on since January. What an awesome relief to finally have it all done. I tend to do really well with “sprint” projects, and I have a harder time staying engaged with “endurance” projects. But they’re good for me to do anyway.

Lots on my plate this week. Although I always have some client work that I’ll be doing, I’m hoping to spend more time than usual on a variety of my own writing projects that don’t always get the attention they deserve. These writing projects include some websites, a couple of ebooks, some joint ventures, and my book.

And on the home renovation front, I’ve finally finished priming my downstairs bathroom and now it’s time to apply a coat of paint. I’m really looking forward to getting this bathroom reno done, not only because it is taking FOREVER but also because there are various building materials and a soon-to-be-installed shower sitting in the place that I normally workout. So my fitness has suffered a little during the latter part of this renovation.

I’m also doing a bit of a business reorganization. I tend to think of my business as “Aaron Hoos – writer” and then everything else as a type of supportive brand. But I have a few other activities I do or plan to do (I am an equities investor and a business investor and I’m on the hunt for some real estate, too), plus I have a corporation that is currently just an empty entity. So although you won’t actually SEE any differences, I’m looking at how to rearrange my businesses and investing interests in the best way. This “on-paper” reorganization is also prompting me to think about some additional areas of my business need to be expanded or changed. For example, I have some consulting opportunities and outsourcing opportunities that I’ve been wanting to explore for a while and this is the right time to delve deeper into those.

Have a productive week everyone!

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