What a $110 lightbulb can teach about sales and customer satisfaction

A few years ago, I bought a brand new furnace/air conditioning system from One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning. I’ve been very happy with the furnace and air conditioning system itself, although the company has struggled with delivering good service. If it wasn’t a requirement of the warranty, I would have dropped them years ago. […]

When lead generation turns into lead DE-generation

One of the tasks of a business is to fill its sales funnel with leads. The more leads (and the more targeted those leads are) the better. But not all of those leads will buy from you. Although most businesses will have some leads fall out of their sales funnel, it pays to spend some […]

What I’m working on this week (Aug 27 – 31)

This is the last week of summer already? Yikes! Well here’s what I’ve been working on lately: I’ve got a busy week planned this week. It starts today with my 10,000 word-count day (which is something I try to do Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). I also hammered out my table of contents for my book […]

Small business strategy question: Who is your perfect customer?

This is part of an ongoing series about 100 strategy questions that small businesses can ask themselves. When entrepreneurs first consider this question, they might quickly answer by describing their target market. But that is not necessarily the correct answer. Your target market is not your perfect customer. Rather, your perfect customer is a responsive […]