Digging into Manitoba’s resource industry

I’ve been following the resource industry for years.

I have an interest in the resource industry globally, although most of my exposure has been to companies listed on the Canadian venture exchange (the “TSX-V”). It’s not a preference, it’s just where I’ve landed in practice because of who I write for and what experts I listen to.

I’m fascinated by different metals and the economics behind their exploration and production. Junior resource companies, in particular, satisfy my need to look at entrepreneurial businesses from an economic and stock-trading perspective. I get excited by new trends in exploration (as you can see by the work I’m doing at my graphite minerals free e-course).

One area that I love to think about (and it’s a method I use to help me find good investments) is to look at jurisdictions. Mining jurisdictions are politically-defined areas where minerals are abundant and where mining is (usually) an important activity. These jurisdictions are found all over the world. There are some in Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Alaska, Nevada, California, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and elsewhere.

Although I am fascinated by jurisdictions (and companies that mine there), I’ve never paid a lot of attention to the resource industry in Manitoba (which is the province I live in). I love where I live but my focus has too frequently been elsewhere.

Manitoba has a rich and thriving resource industry that does not get a lot of attention. As I look around this province, it seems like the resource industry here is underserved. Yes, there are analysts and mining experts that watch these companies but I haven’t found any jurisdictionally-focused investment writers who are looking at Manitoba as a mining district. And yet, we have a rich history in mining that is said to go back hundreds or even thousands of years (the Aboriginal people are said to have mined some red rock in the province). And today, Manitoba produces a lot of minerals, including more than 20% of Canada’s nickel, more than 15% of Canada’s cobalt, and 100% of Canada’s lithium (Source: Manitoba Government – Innovation, Energy, and Mines – Industry Profile).

So I’ve started exploring the mining industry in Manitoba and I’ve decided to blog about it from time to time. (If mining in Manitoba doesn’t interest you, don’t go away. I’m still blogging about business, finance, and real estate, too.).

Please note this important disclaimer: I am an investment writer with an interest in the resource industry. I am not a Professional Geologist or licensed financial advisor. I do own investments in some Manitoba-based mining companies and will disclose this information when relevant. Please always do your own due diligence before making any decisions that affect your portfolio.


The very first place to start is the Manitoba Government’s Department of Innovation, Energy, and Mines, and specifically their Mineral Resource Division (since I’m not as interested in the sci/tech innovation that they also govern). Sometimes, Manitoba’s Mining Association (which has the enviable domain name of Mines.ca) has some useful information, although I find the government website to be substantially more helpful.

My plan is to start at the links above and dig in, exploring the province’s resource industry as much as possible. I’m coming at is as someone with some experience/background in resources and investment but who knows very little about this particular jurisdiction. My goal with this effort is to learn more about Manitoba as a mining jurisdiction (and share my findings with you) and discover new investment opportunities to consider.

If you have an interest in the resource mining industry (and especially of the resource mining industry in Manitoba), bookmark this tag — Mining In Manitoba — and check back. If you are a industry expert, professional geologist, or investor with an interest in the Manitoba resource industry, please contact me because I’d love to talk with you further.

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