What I’m working on this week (July 30 – Aug 3)

Well last week’s attempt to write 10,000 words per day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday went pretty well. I didn’t hit 10,000 words every time but close… and I’m happy with that. I also wrapped a project for a client about short term loans and payday cash advances. These types of loans get a lot […]

The unofficial guide to using Launch.it

When something new comes out and you want to tell your friends about it, how do you present it to them? Do you use the press release format to announce the newsworthy event? Do you use an informational article format to explain what it is? Probably not. You likely use stories. You tell your friends […]

The Business Model Canvas — a tool to help you understand and grow your business

I stumbled across a really cool tool that I thought you’d like. It’s called the Business Model Canvas and it’s a way for you to analyze your business model and create/innovate new ones. The Business Model Canvas is divided into 9 parts: Customer Segments (see the right side of the image) are the demographic groups […]

How to be an Olympic-level entrepreneur

Later this week, the 2012 Summer Olympics will begin with an opening ceremony. Then, we’ll watch as athletes from around the world compete over two weeks in competitions like wrestling and track and BMX cycling and badminton. (As a Canadian, I’m pleased to see hockey in there, although I’m not sure why it’s included as […]