Financial apocalypse or bonanza? A rant against the newsmedia

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… or, at least that’s the case according to the newsmedia. There’s a problem with the economy and it is NOT the Eurocrisis. It is the newsmedia. Newsmedia companies need to sell more papers and get more eyeballs on their websites. So they are […]

The Sales Funnel Bible — The concept

In a previous post, I introduced The Sales Funnel Bible, which is the book I’m writing. I hate to admit that I introduced it waaaaay back in January and now it’s June. But I had to put the book aside for a million other client projects (and client projects always take precedence). But now I’m […]

Why I’m remodeling my house (instead of hiring someone else to do it)

I’m remodeling my house: A brand new, reconfigured (and expanded) kitchen. Same with the upstairs bathroom (put in a claw-foot bathtub!). Downstairs, it’s a similar story: We had some unused space so we tore down some walls and expanded the downstairs bathroom so it now has a shower. I’m doing a lot of the work […]

Small business strategy question: How are you adding value?

In a previous blog post, I asked 100 small business strategy questions. From time to time, I’m taking one of those questions and exploring them in greater detail. In this blog post, I want to look at the question: How are you adding value? Most sales are made because the buyer perceives value from the […]

The 7 qualities that make SEOmoz’s content so darn bookmarkable

It’s hard to sift through the sheer volume of content that you and I are exposed to every day. I have more feeds filling up my Google Reader than I have time to read, I have more email newsletters filling up my inbox than I have time to read. And let’s not forget about tweets […]