Simple but brilliant real estate marketing strategy

Real estate professionals are always looking for an edge to help them sell more houses. There are a lot of houses to sell (and many more coming on the market) and a lot of real estate professionals vying for those sales. What can a real estate pro do to help them gain just a little […]

Forget profit… Just do the first deal

Entrepreneurs put a lot of pressure on themselves to start a profitable business. Although that is the ultimate goal, it can be a huge obstacle at the very beginning. And I’ve seen that obstacle actually PREVENT entrepreneurs from starting a business — they’re so focused on “how do I earn a profit on this deal?” […]

What I’m working on this week (June 11 – 15)

I’ve made some dramatic changes to my business — stuff I’ve shared previously as well as some stuff that I have yet to reveal. But the short story is: I’ve cut down my business to just 3 clients (well, 4 clients until the end of June; then 3 clients) so I can focus on getting […]