The Sales Funnel Bible — The concept

In a previous post, I introduced The Sales Funnel Bible, which is the book I’m writing. I hate to admit that I introduced it waaaaay back in January and now it’s June. But I had to put the book aside for a million other client projects (and client projects always take precedence).

But now I’m getting back to the book. And one of the things I want to do is write this book out in the open — posting the inner workings of the process as I go. I think there is some good value in it: Sharing it with you will kind of keep me accountable (although that accountability didn’t work for the past 5 months — haha) and I also think there is some value in getting ongoing feedback as I go.


What I really want to do is write THE essential handbook on starting and growing a business. Since a sales funnel is the most important part of a business (the core or the backbone of the business), businesses that master their sales funnel will master their business.

I want this to be the book that aspiring entrepreneurs read, which fully equips them to build a hugely profitable business from the ground up, all based around a smooth-running, cash-flowing, profit-producing sales funnel. Think of it like the E-Myth Mastery of sales funnels — practical and specific (but without the stuff about Sarah and her pies).

So, I’ll need to introduce sales funnels and their importance. And then I’ll need to walk readers through what a sales funnel is, how to build one from scratch, and how to implement one in their existing business. I’ll also need to show why a sales funnel is more than just a nice-to-know way of looking at a business and instead show how it is a useful (but under-used) strategic tool.

I don’t want this to be a high-level book. I want it to be thorough (like a textbook) but engaging, and useful enough to pull off of the shelf over and over and mark up the margins with notes. I want the book’s readers to have shredded, dog-eared copies of their books that are bursting with sticky notes… and I want them to have lean, profitable businesses.

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Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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