My latest project: Graphite Investing

I’ve been writing for the metals and mining industry for several years now. It started with some work I did for an oil and gas magazine back in 2002 or 2003. That morphed into an interest in the mining industry (especially junior resource companies) and I’ve done a ton of writing for the industry. I […]

What I’m working on this week (June 25 – 29)

After 5 weeks of grey skies and rain, the rain finally stopped and I spent a lot of the weekend outside — cutting the jungle that is my lawn and enjoying my backyard and visiting some friends. This week I’m working on the following stuff… Weekly commitment to clients: Writing articles for a mortgage broker […]

My 7 favorite economic indicators

Economic indicators are tools used by investors and economists and governments and business owners to forecast how the economy is likely to change so they can plan accordingly. I’ve always followed a couple of economic indicators but I recently picked up a book called The Wall Street Journal Guide To The 50 Economic Indicators That […]