A key liquidity metric: Current ratio

Businesses need to be liquid. They need cash to pay vendors and staff so they can sell their stuff; they need cash to make strategic investments in growth. Liquidity is huge. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run. For example… A big business (like a manufacturer) needs to pay for its raw materials […]

Rules of the Scrappy Capitalist: Rule 5 – Take smart risks

Until recently, business owners and investors had a deep, wide moat around their castle of success. They made money and then their money made money, and they sat around in mahogany-paneled rooms, smoking cigars. The internet changed everything. Easier access to markets and an ability to start profit-generating businesses in minutes (instead of months) has […]

Using the 7 basic human emotions in your sales funnel: Surprise

There are 7 basic human emotions: Anger, Fear, Disgust, Contempt, Joy, Sadness, Surprise. These are root emotions from which all other emotions spring. (Read more about them here). These 7 emotions are at the core of what drives our decision-making. If you understand these emotions and build your sales funnel around them, you can sell […]

What I’m working on this week (May 6 – 12)

I’m baaaaaaaack. Had an awesome week last week. I recovered from a little writer burnout, I did some work around the house, and I hung out with my wife (we’re celebrating our anniversary, which is officially on May 9th but after 14 years of marriage, what’s a week early?) Here’s what I’m working on this […]