100 small business strategy questions

Many small businesses are fueled by passion. They start because an entrepreneur has an idea (or is sick of working for a boss), they grow because their ideas solve a problem and somehow that solution is communicated to the marketplace. Unfortunately, many small businesses fail… even ones that are seemingly successful and make profitable sales. […]

From passion to plan: How to create a strategy for your small business

Many small businesses are fueled by passion: Entrepreneurs get a great idea (or they end up hating their manager) and they start their own business. The business itself is loosely assembled and operates somewhat haphazardly. Eventually, something has to happen. Either, the wheels fall off and the small business crashes and burns (which is pretty […]

Crowdinvesting: The next step after crowdfunding

When small business owners needed money to start and grow a business, they used to have three funding options: They could borrow against their own assets, could get a business loan or they could sell a portion of their business to family and friends. Then the web opened up new possibilities with crowdfunding — a […]

Rules of the Scrappy Capitalist: Rule 6 — Be relentless

Old school capitalists succeeded because they were well-connected in an exclusive “old boys network”. Whether they succeeded in business or in the capital or real estate markets, it was largely because of who they knew. But the internet changed everything. It levelled the playing field, making it possible for anyone to start a business or […]