Confessions of an ineffective executioner: A study in the process of starting and finishing (part 2)

Finishing. It’s a skill that I lack. I know I’m not alone. I think a lot of entrepreneurs are great starters. They’re dreamers, optimists, initiators. To hijack a financial term, entrepreneurs are bullish on the future. I don’t know a lot of successful entrepreneurs who are great finishers. (They might be out there, I’ve just […]

Confessions of an ineffective executioner: Why it’s so hard to finish what you start (part 1)

I love dreaming up new ideas. I love starting things. My mind is always brimming with things I want to try. A torrent of ideas is helpful in my line of work. And when I can get those ideas down fast, act on them fast, and see results… I’m a happy writer. The problem is, […]

What I’m working on this week (May 21 – 26)

I’ve got some exciting projects coming up this week — both for clients and for my own business, too. Here are some highlights: Wrapping up a sales letter for a client who licenses their marketing software to other agencies Writing blog content for a stock picking site (this was a former client who put their […]