What I look for in a joint venture

I love joint ventures! I’m contacted pretty regularly with joint venture opportunities. There have been some nice successes and there have been some stellar failures… but I love working with like-minded entrepreneurs who want to share in the struggles and triumphs of a JV and I always keep my ear to the ground for new […]

The emporium of monetization

When starting up a business, the entrepreneur usually has a couple of monetization options in mind. A consultant might offer one-on-one coaching OR team-participation workshops, for example. In my business, I offer written content for businesses to use in their marketing and sales efforts, plus I sell my content in other ways as well (i.e., […]

Fixing sales funnel problems: Buyers aren’t buying fast enough

Long before they buy from you, you are investing time and energy into your leads and prospects to move them through your sales funnel. By the time they convert into customers, you have sunk resources (money/time/effort) into cultivating the relationship. So companies that struggle with insufficient income or profits might not be moving prospective customers […]

Using The 7 Basic Human Emotions in Your Sales Funnel: Joy

There are 7 basic human emotions: Anger, Fear, Disgust, Contempt, Joy, Sadness, Surprise. These are root emotions from which all other emotions spring. (Read more about them here). These 7 emotions are at the core of what drives our decision-making. If you understand these emotions and build your sales funnel around them, you can sell […]

What I’m working on this week (Mar. 12 – 17)

Last week was SO BUSY with stuff from the Prospect and Developers of Canada (PDAC) Conference. My fingers felt like they were going to fall off by the end of the week. But it was a blast write all that content because it’s a gathering of some of the smartest people in the junior resource […]