What I’m working on this week (Mar. 12 – 17)

Last week was SO BUSY with stuff from the Prospect and Developers of Canada (PDAC) Conference. My fingers felt like they were going to fall off by the end of the week. But it was a blast write all that content because it’s a gathering of some of the smartest people in the junior resource mining world and I got to eavesdrop on everything they said. :)

This week, I have lots of catching up to do. I confess, I’ve had a few projects that have been sputtering along for a while and I DESPERATELY want to get them off my desk. So I’m going to clean those up. Plus, I have a few JVs that need some attention so I have to break out the defibrillator and shock them back to life.

Plus, I want to pre-write a bunch of content for the rest of March. (I used to have a month or two of content prewritten for most of my clients but that mountain of content was slowly eroded and now I’m just barely keeping up. I want to build that mountain again.

  • Catch up on some of the lagging content that needs to get wrapped up
  • Catch up on a bunch of blog writing for the various JVs I’m working on
  • Prewrite client content for the rest of March

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