Only take advice from people who are qualified to give it

The other day, I was telling someone about a couple of ideas I had for my business. I was excited to share my thoughts with them as they are someone I admire and respect. But with every idea I mentioned, they responded with a criticism about why it wouldn’t work. After listing a small handful […]

Financial theory: View the Yale course on YouTube

Okay, some of you will look at this blog post and nominate it as the boringest blog post of the year. But not me! I love this stuff! Here are 26 Financial Theory (ECON251) classes from Yale, along with a “table of contents” from each video. FINANCIAL THEORY ECON251 Financial Theory with John Geanakoplos Download […]

37 lessons about business (on my 37th birthday)

It’s my birthday today. I’m 37. So here are 37 lessons I’ve learned about business over the years: Do something you love to do. Forget the comfort of a regular paycheck and the wealth-promises of get-rich-quick opportunities. Figure out what you absolutely love to do and find a way to get paid doing it. Do […]

Case study (part 3): Looking for opportunities in the sales funnel

In a previous blog post, I showed you how to draw your sales funnel. I showed you the sales funnel for a typical (but made-up) business. Now, I’m taking that same made-up business and using it as an example case study to show you how to find new opportunities to run a more successful, profitable […]