Sell more by convincing prospects that they already own your product

In your business, it can be hard to sell something to a prospect that is reluctant to buy. It feels like you are trying to move an immovable object! On the other hand, if the prospect wants to own your product or service, almost nothing will stand in their way of buying it from you. […]

What I’m working on this week (Feb. 6 – 11)

AT this point, I’m not taking on anything new to write because I have a TON of stuff I need to wrap up first! Whew! A lot of these projects are bigger, longer-term projects that have gone through several stages of review and should be nearing completion/publication shortly… Post some pre-written blogs for a real […]

6 myths that insurance brokers believe

Insurance brokers can spend so much time thinking about insurance that they fail to see the world through their prospects’ eyes. Hey, I’m not judging… I’ve been in your shoes selling life insurance and equipment insurance! Here are 6 myths that insurance brokers believe… Myth 1: People care about insurance. Sorry. People don’t care about […]

Joseph Sugarman’s 64 elements of copywriting checklist

Joseph Sugarman is one of the great copywriters. He’s sold just about everything there is to sell in just about every possible medium to sell it in. In this excellent book The Adweek Copywriting Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Powerful Advertising and Marketing Copy from One of America’s Top Copywriters, he lists 64 elements […]