Develop lead profiles to optimize your sales funnel

When we think of our business’ sales funnel, it’s easy to think of one sales funnel. But if you were to take a closer look, you’d discover that you probably have several sales funnels… even if you only have one product or service. We’ll use my business as an example: I really only sell one […]

Using The 7 Basic Human Emotions in Your Sales Funnel: Fear

There are 7 basic human emotions: Anger, Fear, Disgust, Contempt, Joy, Sadness, Surprise. These are root emotions from which all other emotions spring. (Read more about them here). These 7 emotions are at the core of what drives our decision-making. If you understand these emotions and build your sales funnel around them, you can sell […]

How to use press releases in your sales funnel

I love press releases. They’re a great way for marketers to bypass a lot of internet marketing effort and get lots of high quality backlinks and even some media attention. Using press releases effectively requires an understanding of your sales funnel. Specifically: A press release is not going to get you more customers. Yes, the […]

5 types of case studies to use in your sales funnel

Marketing is all about telling stories and a case study is a type of story about a customer who had a problem until they bought your solution. Case studies are very effective ways to market your business because the prospective buyers in your sales funnel see themselves in these stories and it helps to convince […]