3 ways to turn sales funnel adversity into triumph (and make more money)

In every entrepreneur’s head is a well-oiled, highly profitable sales-machine of a business. But in real life, it’s a tricky, weed-filled garden of shifting priorities and juggled problems. (#mixedmetaphoralert) In this blog post, I want to write about 3 common problems that entrepreneurs face in their sales funnels and how to fix them. These aren’t […]

Your sales funnel is a story (but not the story YOU think it is!)

Humans are wired to engage with stories. We use stories to share our history and teach future generations. We use stories to sell. Your sales funnel is also a story… but it’s not the story YOU think it is. Your sales funnel is not the story of your business. YOUR SALES FUNNEL IS THE STORY […]

High Octane Headlines

In High Octane Headlines, I create and dissect a powerful headline and examine why it helps to capture your readers’ attention and drive them to read more. The following headline might be used for real estate professionals who want to position themselves as helping homesellers to save money during the home-selling process… More cash in […]

What I’m working on this week (Feb. 20 – 25)

It’s Presidents Day in the US and it’s a variously named day in Canada (“Family Day” in a lot of Canada and “Louis Riel Day” where I live. Not sure why). But I’m working anyway: I love what I do, my wife works at home most of the time, too, and my clients are working. […]

Passive income versus active income

In this blog post, I want to talk about the differences between passive and active income and how they relate to your business. THE BASIC DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ACTIVE INCOME AND PASSIVE INCOME Active income is money you earn that requires your effort. For example, if you sell a service that you must first complete – […]