How to use press releases in your sales funnel

I love press releases. They’re a great way for marketers to bypass a lot of internet marketing effort and get lots of high quality backlinks and even some media attention.

Using press releases effectively requires an understanding of your sales funnel. Specifically: A press release is not going to get you more customers. Yes, the work a press release may help to contribute to converting more prospects into customers but a press release itself won’t get you more customers.

A press release ultimately drives traffic to your business – either to your storefront or your website. It informs people about the new thing you’re doing and, if the press release audience is interested, they’ll click through to your website or they’ll get into their car and drive to your store.

So, when writing your press release, keep this in mind. Don’t try to create a press release that sells your product. The press release is a platform to talk about your new product or service but it won’t replace your marketing collateral. Create an effective press release by getting your press release audience excited about your business and your news (whatever that news might be) then drive them to your website.

Bonus tip: You can accelerate the speed that they advance through your sales funnel by sending them to a specific page or blog post that sells your product or service (just make sure it’s relevant to your press release, of course!).

Published by Aaron Hoos

Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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