Aaron’s Answers: Should I use a blog or a website in my financial or real estate business?

The Question: Should I use a blog or a website in my financial or real estate business? Aaron’s Answer: Here’s the really basic difference between a website and a blog: A website is like a brochure. You create it once and it stays like that for a while. Sure, you might make some changes over […]

What I’m working on this week (Jan. 16 – 21)

What a great week last week! I wrapped up a couple of projects, I put in some time on some bigger projects, and I acquired a couple of new clients. This week, I’m hoping for more of the same, plus I’m putting together a couple of joint ventures that I’m really excited about. (I’ll tell […]

10 ebooks a private equity professional or venture capitalist should write

Unlike many other professionals in the financial industry, private equity and venture capitalists have the unique benefit of not really needing to chase after clients – rather, they have the opposite problem of culling through a big list of potential clients to find the right ones. And in some cases, they might also have multiple […]

How to sell a solution when your clients don’t know they have a problem

A couple of years ago, I received a bunch of junk mail in my mailbox and just about threw some of it out when a bold headline told me that I could save money by buying a new (more efficient) furnace. Until that point, I was happy with my furnace because it heated my house […]

How to construct persuasive sales benefits

Whether selling through written word or speaking, people respond better to your sales presentation when you sell them on the benefits of your product or service. There are lots of ways to communicate a benefit but the most persuasive sales benefit I’ve ever seen looked like this (and I’ve written it for a real estate […]