Aaron’s Answers: Should I use a blog or a website in my financial or real estate business?

The Question:

Should I use a blog or a website in my financial or real estate business?

Aaron’s Answer:

Here’s the really basic difference between a website and a blog:

  • A website is like a brochure. You create it once and it stays like that for a while. Sure, you might make some changes over time but in general it has the same content.
  • A blog is like a diary or journal. You add new content regularly to it and people who click to your site will see your most recent post.

If you’re wondering whether you should have a blog or a website for your financial or real estate business, you need to know this: Both are good and it’s okay to have both – a blog AND a website. Don’t think of it as one or the other.


Some professionals choose to have just a website because they want to create the content once and then not worry about it, and then focus on other things in their business. And, since it’s slightly more acceptable to “sell” your services on a website, some professionals prefer that clearer call to action. (Note: They can appear on blogs, too, but generally do so to a lesser degree).

Some professionals choose to have just a blog because their potential or existing clients like reading new content, and because search engines like fresh, authoritative content. Unlike a website, a blog has some relationship-building tools built-in (such as a commenting feature) so you can build a connect with your blog visitors.


Some professionals choose to have both – a website at one domain and a blog at another. This gives them the advantages of both.


Some professionals have a website with a blog on it, or they have a blog with elements of a website on it (which is what I have on my site – it’s primarily a blog but there are website-specific elements like a Portfolio page, a Services page, and more).


It depends on your sales funnel.

If you have a well-established career with tons of referrals or you’re a face-to-face networking rockstar, then a website might be all you need because you’ll drive people to your site pretty infrequently. If you plan to sell downloadable products, you’ll also want to consider a website because you’ll need sales pages and hidden download pages.
If you want to grow your financial or real estate practice and you want to drive traffic to a site and build relationships with those who visit your site, a blog might be better.
But my favorite is both. You get the clear “sales-focused” calls-to-action that are more acceptable on a website plus the search-engine-loving opportunity to create fresh content and build relationships with your website visitors… and at the same time, you can also dial in other things like product sales.

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