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Keep your selling process simple
In the financial and real estate industry, there are no free passes. Success only comes to those who sweat it out day after day, month after month, through the peaks and valleys inherent in our profession.

But there’s one aspect of your business that you don’t have to sweat out, yet so many professionals turn it into something way more complicated than it needs to be.

I’m talking about…


When it comes to selling, so many financial and real estate professionals get really, really complicated. They make selling into a big deal.

They add lots of steps and overwhelm themselves with possibilities and contingencies… and then they confuse themselves further by latching onto a different (also complicated) sales process… and then a different one after that. Each week it’s a new selling process — a 5 step one and then a 3 step one and then an 18 step one and then a 10 step one (etc., etc.)

In my opinion, a complicated selling process has 4 negative consequences…

  1. It makes it hard to excel when you’re too busy trying to remember which stage of which selling process you’re in.
  2. It blinds you to buying cues or those hard-to-pigeon-hole leads who aren’t easily organized into a complex selling process.
  3. It builds up the pain of rejection, turning every “no” into a deafening show-stopper.
  4. It’s harder to track progress and measure success.

Stop making sales so complicated. Go back to the basics. It’s easier to remember and a basic selling process becomes a useful toolbelt instead of a bizarre Swiss Army Knife that you never use.

It’s like a bicycle. There’s something so efficient and beautifully functional about a simple bicycle. Sure, you can make it fancy with gears and handbrakes; you can string together several bicycles to create a tandem bicycle; you can add a motor to get a moped; you can add an extra wheel on the back to get a tricycle; you can add a bench seat on the back to get a rickshaw. You can add streamers and a basket and a bell and trailer and extra knobby tires. But all of that are just extras bolted on to the simple, efficient bicycle.

Likewise, the selling process can get a lot of fancy bells and whistles bolted onto it but we will become more successful at it when we ruthlessly strip it down and focus on the essentials.


Find a selling process that works for you. There are a TON of selling processes out there. The simpler the better, in my opinion.

I like something along the lines of:

  1. Start the relationship. (Prospecting/Qualifying)
  2. Grow the relationship. (Build rapport/Build value)
  3. Present and ask for the order. (Sell/handle objections/follow-up)

That’s it. Nothing fancy. I don’t have an acronym for it or an easy-to-remember slogan. It’s just the selling process in its simplest form… as if we were glimpsing the selling process in its naturally occurring state.

Once you have this selling process, here’s what I advise:

  • Don’t make it more complicated with more steps, sub-steps, twisty paths, flow-charts, and diversions. Stick to that selling process and rock it out. Rock it out by actually doing it.
  • Become the world’s expert in that selling process. Study relentlessly. Build a selling binder. Add ideas and resources and tips. Read it all the time. (Easy to use and apply a 3-step process… harder in an 18 step process!!!)
  • Invest in improving your skills in each of the three areas in this selling process.
  • Look for a sales mentor in one of the three areas.
  • Measure your success in each of the three areas.
  • When you find new tools and ideas and resources, slot them into the existing selling process.
  • Troubleshoot, fine-tune, tweak, modify, and optimize this process.
  • Just go out there and do it. Stop trying to make the selling process more complicated.
  • Most important: Relentlessly push through this process over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, every single day.

Financial and real estate professionals already have a lot of complicated parts in their business. But selling doesn’t have to be one of them. Stop looking for a more complicated “silver bullet”… find a simple process that works and excel at it.

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Published by Aaron Hoos

Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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