How to solve the biggest problem you face in your financial or real estate business

What is the biggest challenge or problem you face in your business? What do you feel is keeping you from reaching the next level? What is the one thing that, if you could eliminate it, would break the chain and truly unleash you? Hopefully you can think of one thing that you feel is really […]

How to find more leads for your real estate or financial business

In this business, your success is entirely dependent on leads. The more leads you have, the better. So where do you find these leads? HOW TO FIND LEADS First, start with you. List you all the different places in life where you interact with other people. These are called your “spheres of influence“. List as […]

10 ebooks a lending or leasing professional should write

Lending and leasing professionals should offer some of these ebooks for free to help position them as experts in their market, or for sale to help generate a passive revenue stream. Leveraging: How to make money with borrowed money. How to improve your credit to get more money at a lower interest rate. How to […]

10 ebooks a private equity professional or venture capitalist should write

Unlike many other professionals in the financial industry, private equity and venture capitalists have the unique benefit of not really needing to chase after clients – rather, they have the opposite problem of culling through a big list of potential clients to find the right ones. And in some cases, they might also have multiple […]

How to sell a solution when your clients don’t know they have a problem

A couple of years ago, I received a bunch of junk mail in my mailbox and just about threw some of it out when a bold headline told me that I could save money by buying a new (more efficient) furnace. Until that point, I was happy with my furnace because it heated my house […]