Is the ‘CSI effect’ hindering your success?

If you are a financial advisor or real estate professional, a condition very similar to “the CSI effect” could be hindering your success. WHAT IS THE CSI EFFECT? The CSI effect is a problem faced by the justice system when juries place too much faith in fingerprints and DNA evidence. It’s called “the CSI effect” […]

What I’m working on this week (Dec. 5 – 9)

It’s a weird time of year: Some clients still have the pedal to the floor and I’m writing at full speed for them — nothing changes during this season; other clients are slowing down and winding up the year’s projects; other clients are already in the prep stages for a strong start in 2012. It’s […]

10 simple tricks to handle cold call rejection

Cold calling. At times it’s brutal. (Believe me, I’ve been through some gut-wrenching cold-calling sessions!) But it can also be rewarding. (I’ve been through some pretty successful cold-calling sessions, too!) Generating leads sometimes requires a cold-calling approach… whether you like it or not. So I’ve collected some of my favorite cold-calling-rejection-busting tips to help you! […]