Monthly Sales Funnel Check-up

Congratulations for reaching the end of the year! It’s the end of December. Time to fill out your Monthly Sales Funnel Check-up. Are you ready for next year?!? Wondering what the heck a Monthly Sales Funnel Check-up is? Read the first Monthly Sales Funnel Check-up blog post that kicked it all off!

When selling, “Yes” and “No” don’t always mean “Yes” and “No”

Early in my career as an investment representative, I had booked an appointment with someone who seemed quite eager to learn more about how I could help them with their portfolio, but when I showed up at their house, they weren’t as enthusiastic. They weren’t cold but they didn’t immediately hand over their cash to […]

10 ebooks an accountant or bookkeeper should write

Even though you likely serve a local clientele, that doesn’t mean you can’t excel online. You can grow your local practice using ebooks, or you can broaden your client base by selling some of these ebooks. In the list below, I’ll use “Springfield” as an example of how to use local-specific content in some of […]

What I’m working on this week (Dec. 19 – 23)

I’m living in the weird purgatory of continuing regular projects for clients and wrapping up year-end projects… but knowing that a lot of people are not even thinking about starting new projects until the New Year. It’s the calm before the storm because my 2012 work calendar is filling up FAST. So if you want […]