What I’m working on this week (Nov. 7 – 11)

Bah! It’s been so busy that I only blogged a couple of times last week. I hate that. I love blogging and try to blog more frequently than that. On the other hand, I’ve always felt that client content comes first… and there has been a lot of client content!

Here are some highlights of what I’m doing this week:

  • Writing a direct response sales letter for a financial company.
  • Writing blogs for a real estate investor.
  • Working on 2 books for 2 real estate investors. (Yes, still working on those… they take a while!)
  • Writing articles for a stock pick website.
  • Writing articles for a lending agency.

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Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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