10 ebooks a real estate investor should write

Real estate investors have a unique challenge in that they need to communicate to several different audiences at the same time – bird dogs, sellers, investors, lending institutions, contractors, buyers, and more. Each of these audiences has their own unique needs and motivators. Here are some ebooks to sell or give away to some of these audiences:

  1. How to become a successful real estate investor.
  2. How to make money as a bird dog.
  3. The top places in Texas (or wherever you live) to invest in real estate.
  4. Step-by-step to achieve your first deal.
  5. Top 8 places to find hard money.
  6. The economics of flipping: The top 25 biggest value-improving repairs (and how to find great contractors willing to work on these for a fraction of the price)
  7. How to manage a team of people in your growing real estate investing empire.
  8. Where to find great real estate investing deals.
  9. How to generate more real estate investing leads.
  10. Top 9 ways to make money in real estate investing (including some of the better known ways plus a few secrets that aren’t well known)

What I’m working on this week (Nov. 28 – Dec. 2)

I don’t normally watch a lot of sports but yesterday was the Grey Cup (Canadian Football, FYI) and some friends invited my wife and I over. We had a good time but I ate waaay too much. Bleh. This week started strong with a couple of new assignments from clients, plus some talk about upcoming projects.

Here are some highlights of what I’m doing this week:

  • Writing some articles for the good folks over at MetalsNews. (I write a lot of expert interview-style reports).
  • Still plugging away on a couple of print books for real estate investors.
  • Doing a lot of work this week to help Mark Evans DM wrap up a big project. (More on that in the future).
  • LOTS of follow-up on projects that are in the review process with clients right now. (If you’re a client and you’re reviewing some of my writing, you can probably expect an email from me later this week!
  • … Plus all the regular stuff that keeps me busy each week!

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“I was more than pleased with the work Aaron did for me. He has a great writing style and I would choose him again for future work. He delivered more than what was on the contract.”

-K. Belanger

10 ebooks a real estate agent should write

As a real estate agent, your job is to list homes for sellers and show homes for potential buyers. It’s a highly competitive marketplace so you use whatever tools you can to help set yourself apart. Here are ten ebooks to help you do that.

  1. Why you should buy a home in XYZ neighborhood.
  2. How to work with a real estate agent to list your home so it sells quickly at a price you want.
  3. How to work with a real estate agent to find you the perfect home.
  4. What are the exact steps you need to take to buy a home?
  5. What you should look at (and what you should ignore) when house hunting.
  6. Tactics and tricks to help you get the most money possible for your home.
  7. A neighborhood overview (include reviews of local shops, coupons, maps to important places etc.)
  8. The top ten mistakes that first time home buyers make.
  9. Tips, techniques, and “insider secrets” to help you negotiate the perfect price for your home.
  10. How to become a real estate agent and succeed at it.