What I’m working on this week (Oct. 24-28)

This week is a “roll-up-my-sleeves-and-write” week. Every week seems to be that but this week is especially true because I’ve been working on a couple of print books for two real estate investors and I’m really getting into the thick of it… the actual writing of the book (not just the planning). It’s this effort […]

2 real estate investor sales funnels that I really like right now

I was talking to a prospective client late last week. He’s a real estate investor and he was asking me about different sales funnels that I thought were particularly effective for real estate investors. Here’s the answer I gave him: There are two sales funnels that I really like for real estate investors right now. […]

Little known marketing secret reveals how to get your phone ringing off the hook

While writing their marketing content, a request I commonly hear from financial and real estate professionals is to ramp up the “salesmanship” of their content so that they get more committed clients calling them on the telephone. They want their marketing content to sell their services so that more people go “wow! I want to […]

What I’m working on this week (Oct. 17-21)

I’ve just had an insanely busy weekend. I landed six new clients in the past two weeks so I’ve been scrambling to get on top of their work. (I can handle much more than six clients — but usually the work is spaced out a little more!!!). I’m really excited about this week — there […]