What I’m working on this week (Oct. 31 – Nov. 3)

I confess: I’m so excited about November that I’ve started working on my November projects even though October isn’t officially done yet. Here are some highlights of what I’m doing this week: Getting a real estate investor’s blog underway. (I started on his content last week and this week we’re hammering out his blog content […]

Monthly Sales Funnel Check-up

It’s the end of October. Time to fill out your Monthly Sales Funnel Check-up. (Are you looking forward to the end of the year? There are only two months left — push for the next level of success in these last two months!) Wondering what the heck a Monthly Sales Funnel Check-up is? Read the […]

How to use personality analysis to improve the effectiveness of your marketing

As you develop content for your financial or real estate business, it can be easy to just write naturally in your own voice. That’s good because you come across as personable. However, you tend to attract people who are exactly like you (i.e. whose personality is similar to yours). If you want to improve your […]

37 ways to improve your sales skills

I can help you get more web visitors and warm leads… but you need to take it from there and “close the deal” with awesome sales skills. Schedule time each and every day to hone your sales skills by performing one or more of these tips below. By the way, I’m just scratching the surface. […]

How the ‘Good, Fast, Cheap’ concept can help real estate professionals build better relationships with clients

You’ve probably heard the well-known, often-quoted concept that all products or services possess two of the following three qualities: Good, Fast, Cheap. It means that every product or service you buy will be… Good and fast but not cheap Good and cheap but not fast, or, Fast and cheap but not good Every client who […]