10 blog posts a lending or leasing professional should write

Blogging is a great way for lending and leasing professionals to build search engine optimized traffic and connect with their target market. If you are a lending or leasing professional, here are 10 blog posts that you should write:

  1. Write blog posts about the steps that people have to go through to get financing through you. What do they need to have to ideally get the loan/lease? What do you do with their paperwork? Go step by step through the process.
  2. Create a series of blog posts about credit management. In other words, empower your readers to take control of their credit rating in order to be able to borrow more from you.
  3. Write a comparison blog posts pitting your loan or lease against other kinds of debt instruments (like lines of credit, credit cards, etc.)
  4. Write a blog post to help people understand interest rates – how they work, why they fluctuate, and who decides how much interest to charge.
  5. Write a blog post to describe yourself and to show that you’re a real human. It helps to show that you’re a real human and not someone who sits behind a desk and makes cold-hearted “loan or no-loan” decisions all day.
  6. Features your clients as success stories. (This can work particularly well if you lend money to businesses, who don’t mind being featured. If you lend or lease to individuals, you might have to write the success stories without using their real names).
  7. List the top ten reasons that someone might want to get a loan or lease from you .
  8. Write a series of blog posts about the importance of paying the loan/lease back on time and in full, as well as the consequences for not doing so.
  9. For leases, write a blog post about any post-lease requirements (for example: automobiles under lease need to be returned in good condition).
  10. Loans and leases can be an investment in some situations. List the scenarios where they would be a good investment and how they can help as an investment.

Published by Aaron Hoos

Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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