The one sentence that might be killing your insurance broker marketing efforts

When I open the newspaper or flip through the phone book, there’s one phrase used by a lot of insurance brokers. Unfortunately, this phrase is not an effective use of the limited space in your marketing and advertising. The sentence I see repeated over and over in a lot of insurance broker marketing is: “Helping […]

Great news for real estate agents: Industry survey reveals 6 ways to get first-time homebuyers to buy from YOU

Twice a year, Trulia performs a survey to understand home ownership trends. The results from this year’s survey can help real estate professionals sell more homes. First, let’s look at an infographic of the survey results, then we’ll talk about what these survey results mean for real estate professionals who want to sell more homes […]

What I’m working on this week (Sept. 26-29)

It was quite the week last week! Some home renovation contractors showed up at our house two days earlier than expected, which threw my tightly-planned day into disarray! The work was done well (and I was glad to have it done earlier than expected) but it did require quite a bit of moving around projects […]