3 essential social media activities for businesses: Engage + build credibility + add value

It seems like every time I open my email inbox, I find an invite to yet ANOTHER social network. Most of the time they get deleted. Don’t get me wrong. I like social networks. But I primarily use 4 social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and LinkedIn and ignore the rest. (Check out my blog […]

How to grow your business by replicating your sales funnel

In a previous blog post entitled There are only 3 ways to grow your business, I listed the 3 types of business-growth strategies that entrepreneurs can consider, and within each of those strategies I listed specific methods to follow through on that business growth strategy. The first business growth strategy is to replicate your sales […]

What should real estate professionals tweet about?

For years, real estate professionals have struggled with finding ways to connect with potential and previous clients to remain at the top of their minds for when those people want to buy or sell again. Calendars, fridge magnets, and the occasional mass mailing were the only way… … Until social media came along. Social media […]