7 sales funnel videos you should watch

Sales funnels are key to your business success but finding quality information about them is difficult. On YouTube, for example, a lot of sales funnel videos are thinly veiled pitches for multilevel marketing companies.

I’ve weeded out the MLM pitches and collected 7 of my favorite instructional and informative sales funnel videos. (By the way, if you have an MLM and are struggling, check out this brief analysis about the problem with MLM sales funnels).


Understanding the sales funnel (Dur. 10:01)

This video seems to be a portion of a larger presentation. It lists a 6-stage sales funnel and moves through the funnel quickly with an emphasis on the marketing and sales interaction rather than the stages themselves. The audio doesn’t always line up with visual, and it cuts off right at the end, but it’s a fairly valuable video overall to talk about how entrepreneurs can connect with their sales funnel contacts using buyer-friendly educational content.

Good tips
Build trust and educate
Have a clear and direct next step


Understanding the Sales Funnel (Dur. 9:30 )

This video helps to introduce people to funnels and, more importantly, he talks about the value of sales funnels… and he uses a real funnel! He references Godin’s “Flip the Funnel” ebook and talks about how influence can grow your funnel.

Good tips
“Start thinking in funnels”
Web design as part of your sales funnel


The sales funnel (Dur. 10:05)

SilentJim introduces the sales funnel and brings together some sales funnel ideas and best practices from other thinkers. In particular, he highlights the importance of attracting Leads with a free product. That’s the main takeaway from this video and that one idea much actually be enough to transform your sales funnel.

Good tips
Increase the attractiveness of your sales funnel to Audiences by offering something for free. (Read my related blog post Why the ‘freemium’ model DOES work and how to make it work for you).


How to Create a Sales Funnel (Dur. 2:48)

This is a good, fast introduction about sales funnels. The focus is primarily online sales funnels for passive sales. I like that he talks about content marketing that is high in value. In a way, this video ties together a lot of the concepts and ideas that you’ve heard in other sales funnel videos.

Good tips
Good overview of the sales funnel
“Give people what they want” — that’s the pickaxe factor I’m always talking about!


How to Flip the Sales Funnel (Dur. 3:43)

Seth Godin talks about the challenges that businesses face in attracting the attention of cold leads. Instead, Godin says, “flip your sals funnel” to turn it into a megaphone and give that megaphone to your Customers so they can tell their friends about you. Godin’s emphasis is on generating Evangelists, which is important, but he seems to brush off the importance of generating Leads in any other way at all.

Good tips
Turn your Customers into Evangelists and motivate them to tell their friends about you. (Read my related blog post The Evangelist Equation: How to get your customers to fill your sales funnel for you)


Why the Sales Funnel is Outdated (Dur. 4:20)

Mark Sellers, author of The Funnel Principle, says the sales funnel is outdated because the emphasis is on the seller instead of the buyer. This is good advice because all too often, businesses construct sales funnels with little or no thought to the people who will actually be moving through the funnel. Although Sellers doesn’t go into a lot of detail, he does highlight the critical point: It’s all about the customer.

Good tips
You’re not going to sell to someone unless there is problem recognition
Your sales funnel should be built around what the potential buyer wants, not on your activities


Flowchart Your Sales Process (Dur. 4:51)

A successful sales funnel is one that is clear and well-defined. This is probably the most useful sales funnel video I’ve seen on YouTube. It assumes that you know what a sales funnel is and it takes you step-by-step through determining what to do about your sales funnel to improve it.

Good tips
Define and clarify your sales funnel
Ask a lot of questions
Document your sales funnel (Download a copy of my Sales Funnel Worksheet to help you document your sales funnel)
Use mystery shoppers to document the sales funnel “in practice”

Sales funnels are essential to growing a successful business. These 7 videos offer helpful advice that you can apply in your business to improve your sales funnel to make your business more successful.

Published by Aaron Hoos

Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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