13 sites I can’t live without

Since I rarely get to meet my blog readers or clients in person, I try to occasionally post a few things about myself from time to time so you can learn more about me. (For example, check out my blog posts Aaron Hoos: Writer and Aaron Hoos: More than you need to know about me plus 8 random facts).

In this blog post, I want to tell you about the 13 sites I can’t live without. These are the first sites I open for the day (actually, since I’m using Firefox 5, they just open automatically as “App Tabs”) and I reference them regularly throughout the day.


The first four tabs are my social tabs:

  • On the left is Facebook. Who DOESN’T have Facebook open all day, every day? haha. Since I work at home (mostly), my social interaction can be somewhat limited, so this keeps me connected to friends and family.

  • Next is Twitter. I used to use TweetDeck but since I’m in my browser all day long, I found it easier to just use Twitter itself. For a while I was using UberSocial on my mobile but I confess that I wasn’t engaging with my Twitter followers as much as I would have liked. I find that I’m way more connected when I’m using my browser-based Twitter account. (By the way, are we connected on Twitter? Follow me at @AaronHoos and maybe tweet a “hello”).

  • Next is Quora. I’ve only started using Quora within the last couple of months and I haven’t answered any questions on it… but I am addicted to reading questions and answers and have used Quora for a considerable amount of research. Check out Quora.

  • My last social tab is LinkedIn. I consider LinkedIn to be the business version of Facebook in terms of my interaction. I wasn’t really engaged on LinkedIn for a while, because it felt like they were being outpaced by other social networking sites, but they’re getting caught up and I’m becoming more engaged there. Here are 6 ways I’m creating opportunities from LinkedIn. I would love it if you would connect with me on LinkedIn.


The next 6 app tabs are about managing my business:

  • The next tab is Upvise. I love this app. It’s both my project management and my CRM system in one totally awesome little package. It’s easy to use and it syncs with my Blackberry so I have everything no matter where I am. Yes, there are more robust project management and CRM systems out there but this has everything I need. You should check out Upvise! (Not an affiliate link).

  • The next tab is MindMeister. I’m a strong proponent of mindmapping and this is the site I use. (I used to use a well-known desktop-based mindmapping software but I prefer this one. I subscribe to their premium software and use it frequently to capture my ideas and to capture client content as well. In fact, if I’ve ever written an ebook for you, it probably started its life in this place. Oh, and I’ve built a couple of public mindmaps there. Check out my Business Meta-Map and my Build Your Sales Funnel map. If you’re into mindmapping, check out MindMeister. (Affiliate link).

  • The next tab is Delicious. Pretty standard. It’s where I store my bookmarks (duh!).

  • The next tab is my Google Account. From here, I jump to Google Docs, Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google’s Keyword Tool, and Youtube pretty frequently.

  • Then there’s Guru.com. This is where quite a bit of my business comes from. I use Guru as part of my CRM system and it’s one of the tools I use to communicate with clients, manage projects, and accept payment for work. If you want to hire me, I’d advise going to my Guru account and requesting a quote.

  • The last tab in this group of app tabs is the WordPress Admin page for AaronHoos.com. I’m always here poking around on my blog making tweaks and adjustments and writing posts.


There are two app tabs I use for communication: My primary email address (aaron@aaronhoos.com — hey, why not send me an email and say hello!) and a secondary email address that I use for blog and ezine subscriptions, archives, and personal IMs.


And the 13th site I can’t live without is Google, which I use to search basically everything all the time.


The above sites make sense to keep open all the time and there’s a manageable number of them. But there are lots of other sites I use slightly less frequently that I just don’t keep open all the time. These include:

  • FireFTP for file management.
  • Pingdom for tracking how my site functions. I subscribe to their uptime and performance monitoring.
  • Evernote is a site I don’t use enough. It sort of fell out of favor with me when its Blackberry interface didn’t work for me. But I do like it and use it and maybe I really should put it into my App Tabs.
  • Foursquare is a site I access pretty regularly but I only access it on my Blackberry so it’s technically a site I can’t live without but it’s not something I run in my browser.
  • GrooveShark is quickly becoming a site I spend some time on… probably more time than I should. And for that reason, I purposely avoid iTunes because I’d bankrupt myself buying music.

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