Sales funnel terminology – Why I prefer the term ‘sales funnel’ to ‘marketing funnel’, ‘marketing pipeline’, ‘sales pipeline’, and ‘sales process’

There are a lot of terms for sales funnels. This brief post explains why I prefer the term sales funnel instead of the many other terms that people use to describe the relationship between a potential buyer and potential seller. When people search online to find information about the relationship between a potential buyer and […]

6 sales funnel tips for real estate professionals

Getting and keeping clients in your real estate practice can be so challenging: There’s a lot of competition and customers only buy once every 5 to 7 years. You have to fight for every Lead and nurture that Lead into a Customer. To help you succeed in the intense real estate profession, here are 6 […]

How to create link-attracting content from blog posts you ‘phoned in’

Okay, let’s be honest for a moment here — Not every post on your blog is a nominee for an Academy Award. Yes, there were great posts that you feel are so good they could spawn their own religion. There were good posts that you’d be proud to bring home to meet mom. But if […]

Social sales funnels: How word of mouth can fuel sales funnel success

A sales funnel relies on a variety of marketing channels to promote the business. A social sales funnel primarily uses the power of peers to promote the business. WHAT A SOCIAL SALES FUNNEL IS NOT A social sales funnel is not a sales funnel that necessarily uses social media. It could be… but it’s not […]

Sales Funnels 101: Why use a sales funnel in your business?

A sales funnel is a graphical depiction of the interaction you have with your prospective buyers over time. (For more information about this, see my previous Sales Funnel 101 blog posts). In a way, a sales funnel sounds like just another in a long list of popular buzzwords and fad-like marketing techniques — yet another […]