Monthly Sales Funnel Check-up

It’s the end of July. Time to fill out your Monthly Sales Funnel Check-up. (Just because it’s the summer, doesn’t mean you should take time off from your sales funnel). Wondering what the heck a Monthly Sales Funnel Check-up is? Read the first Monthly Sales Funnel Check-up blog post that kicked it all off!

There are only 3 ways to grow your business

Every entrepreneur wants to grow their business and they drink from the deep well of marketing and sales advice to help them. But let’s get one thing clear: All of those marketing- and sales-related tips and ideas and techniques and tricks can contribute to business growth, but there are really only 3 ways that your […]

Aaron’s Answers: Sales forecasting with sales funnel metrics

I received this excellent sales funnel question from a blog reader a couple of weeks ago. I’m posting the question and answer (slightly edited) here because I think it’s a question and answer that every business owner can benefit from knowing. Thanks again for the question! The Question: How do you determine if you have […]

Does your sales funnel align with your preferred exit strategy?

Whether or not you’ve planned it, your business has an exit strategy. You will, at some point, exit your business. It could be an intentional exit (like when you sell your business) or it could be an unintentional exit (upon your demise). Even if these exit strategies haven’t been stated formally in a business plan, […]