How to find the best customers in your sales funnel (and earn more profit from them)

Not all Customers are created equal. Some are good, some are bad. Just because they hand over their money to you doesn’t necessarily make them them the customer you want. Less-than-ideal Customers can take a lot of time and effort to market and sell to; they can be reluctant to buy; they complain about the […]

Sales Funnels 101: How does a sales funnel work?

A sales funnel is a graphical depiction of the interaction you have with your prospective buyers over time. (For more information about this, see my previous Sales Funnel 101 blog post entitled Why is a sales funnel funnel-shaped?) A sales funnel is made up of several stages, each one representing a stage in the relationship […]

The evangelist equation: How to get your customers to fill your sales funnel for you

My hammock gave out in the spring of 2010. Squirrels had ravaged it while preparing nests for the previous winter. I’ve been meaning to replace that hammock but last summer was busy and wet (not conducive to “hammocking”). So yesterday I went outside and realized that the weather was perfect but I remained hammockless. I […]

What’s the “pickaxe factor” in your sales funnel?

I’m renovating my kitchen. I have a company come in and do the cabinets, the countertops, and the floors, but I do the plumbing myself. The reason? I’m a half-decent plumber (usually — there was one time when that wasn’t the case, but that’s another story) and I don’t mind the work of plumbing. Since […]