Your social presence map: How to define what to share and what not to share on the social web

The web is so social. It’s a great place to connect both personally and professionally. But not everything needs to be shared with everyone. I prefer to shape my interactions so they are relevant to the context of my relationships. Do you? For example I have a number of friends who don’t really know (or […]

The 5 elements you’ll find in every successful sales funnel

Every sales funnel looks different: One company might sell services through a lengthy relationship-building effort; another company might sell a product as an impulse item at the cash register of a grocery store. However, all sales funnels share a few things in common. Below, I’ve listed five of the most important elements you’ll see in […]

Why your prospects aren’t buying from you

By their very nature, people don’t like change. Sure, life is a constant state of change — children turn into adults, they go away to college, they buy a house, they get a job, they meet someone, they have children, etc. Those are all big changes. But in general, people don’t like a lot of […]