Breakthrough! Set an audacious quarterly sales funnel goal for greater business success

Here’s a tool you can use each quarter to help you breakthrough to the next level of success. It’s called the Quarterly Sales Funnel Breakthrough. It’s a simple one-page PDF that you can download, print, and fill out. Use it to set a bold — even SHOCKING — goal about some aspect of your sales […]

‘Business Meta-Map’ at

I was browsing through’s mindmaps recently and noticed that there were a lot of great maps (especially for small business owners) but there was little order to them. You sometimes really have to search for them! So I created a meta-map — a mindmap that links out to many maps and provides a sort […]

Why it’s good to owe the government some money on your income taxes

It’s tax time. It’s the time of year when people brag about the amount of money they’re getting from the government… It’s as if they won the lottery! “I’m getting back $XXXX.XX” or “my income tax check just arrived in the mail and I’m going to spend it on [something nice]!!!” This drives me crazy. […]

Weekly Sales Funnel Challenge: Wrap-up

This week, I challenged you to explore a new marketing channel for your sales funnel. How did you do? You might not immediately see the results in your bottom line, but you should already see the impact elsewhere – are you spending a lot of time on this? Are you finding a way to target […]