The top 9 lessons I wish I knew when I started my business

If I could get into my DeLorean and travel back in time to when I first started my business, here is what I would have told myself: Lesson 1: Narrow your target market Don’t try to do everything for everyone. You’ll end up doing a bunch of stuff you don’t enjoy doing and you’ll get […]

Weekly Sales Funnel Challenge: Target market

Every business has a target market, defined by the common points shared by a group of people most likely to buy from the business. In this week’s challenge, I’d like you to write about your target market. Just make a list and answer some of the questions below, or do more of a “narrative”-type of […]

A step-by-step way to find your most profitable customers (and transform your business)

In a previous blog post, I listed 99 ways to optimize your sales funnel and grow your business. One of those tips was to “Divide up your Customers into ‘most profitable’ and ‘least profitable’. Figure out what traits are common among the most profitable ones. Then increase your marketing to audiences with those traits.” HERE’S […]

Just read: ‘Bobby Flay Interview: How a Famous Foodie Got His Start’ at Wall Street Journal

I don’t usually watch a lot of TV — too many other things vie for my attention. But I have one big weakness: The Food Network channel. My wife and I love to try new foods and cook and entertain, so it’s a channel we both love to watch. Recently, we noticed that Bobby Flay […]

Just read: ‘Failing Toward Success at Google’ at Harvard Business Review

Innovating and succeeding is fun. Innovating and failing can also be fun (as long as you pick yourself up and keep going). I’m a big believer in innovating as much as you can (no matter what you do) to set yourself apart. Check out 5 innovative brands that I started and failed with. I have […]