Just read: ‘How to save your butt when the social media bubble bursts’ at BusinessGrow

Arthur C. Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Right now, that seems to be the case with social media. It’s not the technology itself that is advanced, but it’s the methodology and techniques behind social media that can seem that way.

Social media does have costs and rewards, but it can be difficult to quantify them at first glance. As a result, small and large businesses spend exorbitant amounts of  time, money and effort to “do social media” with little or no effect.

In an article on his {Grow} blog, Mark Schaefer talks about the need for metrics in social media, and how entrepreneurs should be approaching social media marketing just like every other form of marketing.

How to save your butt when the social media bubble bursts.

When you’re done reading this article, start measuring your social media marketing. (Hint: Klout.com is a great place to start).

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