How to destroy consumer complacency and get people moving through your sales funnel

As consumers, we all happily go about our merry little lives, until we realize we need or want something. Then we’ll consider buying it. But until then, everything is status quo.

For businesses, status quo is a big problem. New start-ups build businesses and then wonder why people don’t buy — it’s probably because the customer didn’t realize that they needed the product or service (and they were content with the way things are).

The purpose of a sales funnel is to help people see that the status quo isn’t as good as life with your product or service. And it’s a sales funnel (not a single sales event) because you don’t move people instantaneously off of the status quo. You need to gently nudge them away from the status quo toward a sales with baby steps.

Marketing consultant Matt Heinz offers a great blog about consumer complacency and satisfaction with the way things currently are, and he lists four problems that businesses have with fighting against the status quo. Briefly, his four problems are:

  1. You haven’t created or communicated enough value for your offering.
  2. You haven’t made your solution a big enough priority for your customer.
  3. The cost of changing is greater than the perceived benefit.
  4. The risk of staying the same is lower than the risk of doing something different.

He also gives ideas and suggestions about how to solve these problems to loosen up the strongholds in your sales funnel.

Check out Four reasons you will lose to the status quo by Matt Heinz and apply his ideas to your sales funnel to win against complacency.

Oh, and don’t miss this: In the comments to Matt’s blog post, someone added a link to a brilliant blog post by Andrew McAfee written way back in 2006 about a phenomenon called “the 9X problem”. In short, the 9X problem that says consumers value their current situation/solution over a proposed one. Read McAfee’s The 9X problem.

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