Just read: ‘Twitter Launches New Programs to Help Goose Revenue’ at FastCompany

Twitter is a business, which means that it needs to make money to pay its bills and keep the tweets streaming. HOW it makes money is a topic of plenty of conversation (of which I’ve engaged in many).

Promoted tweets and trends is one way we’ve already seen. But there are plenty of opportunities… the most obvious of which is mining the volumes of data that stream in from users.

In this article from Fast Company, they report on some of the ways that Twitter is planning to make money:

Twitter Launches New Programs to Help Goose Revenue | Fast Company.

To summarize: They’re planning to monetize data mining and branded pages.

But are there other ways? Here are some of my thoughts: I think data mining is the biggest, most profound opportunity for them. But I also think that they could move to a premium service that offers additional features (such as an indepth bio and additional links). It might be interesting to use Twitter’s delivery mechanism (short bits of info) in various ways for internal organizations or for businesses to communicate with clients — sort of like chat but more helpful and in an interface that everyone is already familiar with.

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