Weekly Sales Funnel Challenge: Wrap-up

This week, I challenged you to write about your target market in detail. How did you do? Here’s my answer to this challenge: My target market is made up of entrepreneurial small business owners who are just starting their businesses or trying to grow them. They are focused on the web (primarily) and looking to […]

The most common reason for sales funnel failure

The web has dramatically reduced the barrier to entry that people once faced when they wanted to start a business. Today, someone with some talent, aspiration, and an email address can create their own empire. But not everyone can. There are a lot of talented, aggressive marketers out there who do start a business and […]

6 steps to create your own sales funnel strategy

Your sales funnel is the journey that your customers take to get from Never-Heard-Of-You to Buy-Something-And-Tell-Their-Friends. Sales funnel strategy, then, is the roadmap you create to tell those travellers the quickest, easiest route to get to the sale. So how do you create a sales funnel strategy? Here are six steps to get started. Sales […]

9 ways to add value to your next ebook (so you don’t have to fill it with royalty-free images)

You’ve finished writing your ebook. You sit back in your office chair and breathe a sigh of relief. It’s a long document, brimming with a mix of wit, personality, and (of course) your expertise on the topic. You’re certain that it will offer your readers the insight they’re looking for. But something’s not quite right. […]