Steps in the Audience stage of your sales funnel: What are your contacts thinking about?

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about the steps within each stage of your sales funnel. Basically, your sales funnel is made up of stages and each stage is made up of steps.

Those steps are defined by a combination of factors, including your industry, your business, your competition, and your marketplace. The easiest way to figure out what steps your sales funnel contacts will take in each stage of your sales funnel is to think about how their thought process transitions throughout the relationship they have with you.

Below, I’ve written out an example of the thoughts your sales funnel contact has in the Audience stage. Your contacts start at the beginning and slowly transition through to the end, where they ideally enter the Leads stage. Each of these bullet points is a distinct thought, and the best way to move your Audience member through the Audience stage is to help them move from one thought to another.

So, they start off as a Pre-Audience member and they are…

  • Oblivious to your existence

And then they slowly start to become aware of you and become an Audience member. (Their thoughts, below, are written from their perspective)…

  • Something isn’t the way I want it to be
  • I’d like it to be different
  • Here’s what I’d like to be different
  • Here’s how I’d like it to be different
  • I wonder how to achieve that difference
  • Here are some people who (generally) makes that difference
  • They have something to say about what I want to be different.
  • They have something valuable to say about what I want to be different.
  • They have something valuable to say on a regular basis about what I want to be different.
  • Of this group, there is a shortlist of people who have something remarkably and consistently valuable to say about what I want to be different.
  • They have something valuable to say that’s applicable to me.
  • I’m going to try to apply some of the valuable ideas they’ve shared.
  • Their ideas work.
  • This general information is really good, I wonder if they have more to say.

Next, they perform some triggering action to advance to the Lead stage.


  1. Figure out the thought-journey that your Audience contacts take. Break it down into smaller steps (although you can later combine steps but it’s helpful to understand the steps individually at first).
  2. Identify messages that will resonate with your Audience at each thought-step. What can you say that will help to move them to the next thought-step?
  3. Identify places (websites, social media sites, forums, etc.) where you can say the messages you’ve just written.

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Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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