Interview reveals how PLR Internet Marketing achieved shocking success in only 1 year

In January or early February of 2010, I received a telephone call from someone who had some questions about starting a business. His name was Warren Wooden and he was in the middle of starting an internet marketing website. We had a great conversation and several more followed over the year. This past month, Warren […]

How an insurance broker can piss off its customers in 4 short paragraphs

It’s that time of year again… when the broker that handles my house insurance pisses me off by sending me a letter reminding me of what bad customer service is. The letter reads: Dear Aaron: Re: Policy xxxxxxxxxxxx I am pleased to offer renewal of your policy which presently expires on April 15, 2011. The […]

3 kinds of entrepreneurs: Which one are you?

Throughout history, humankind has followed the same cycle again and again: Explorers discover a place, settlers follow, and builders develop that location. People live there for a long time. The the place becomes built up, even to the point of becoming in-grown. Land becomes a premium. Organization and structure reign (and can even oppress). Then, […]