Just read: ‘Call to Action Buttons: Examples and Best Practices’ at SmashingMagazine

Converting a Prospect into a Customer isn’t just a matter of plunking a “Buy Now” button on your site and then waiting. Good design has an impact. The right design of your “action button” (which could be useful for any stage of your sales funnel) includes design decisions like placement, size, color, and more. These […]

How to price a product or service

As entrepreneurs start up their businesses, they quickly learn one of the most challenging aspects of business ownership: How to price a product or service so that it is attractive to customers but still profitable for the business. Pricing is like a tug-of-war: All customers want to pay as little as possible for a product […]

Social media metrics in your sales funnel

I was in a conversation with another business owner recently about blogs. We were discussing traffic and the large volume of people he gets to his blog, then he asked me how many visitors I get. I don’t like playing this game of “how big is yours?”. By comparison, I get considerably less traffic than […]

How to transition from a struggling bricks-and-mortar business to a successful online business

In a recent issue of Clickbank’s ezine GetRichClick, I read a great article about two business partners who owned a gym. Facing industry pressure to lower prices, they slowly transitioned their offline bricks-and-mortar business to an online one… a very successful online business. Starting with a small product and relying on organic search (instead of […]

In-depth sales funnel: A closer look at the Audience stage

From time to time I break out the blogging microscope and take a really close look at some aspect of the sales funnel. I this post, I’m talking about the Audience stage of the sales funnel. WHAT IS THE AUDIENCE STAGE? This is the first stage in your sales funnel. It contains a general group […]