The 2 rules of love

Today is Valentine’s Day. It’s a day that reminds us to take a moment away from the busyness of life and tell our significant other how special they are. (Oh, and flowers and chocolate don’t hurt either).

Since today is a day that we are reminded of love, I thought I would share something related to that feeling.

I’ve found that if you love what you do and if you love someone who loves you, everything else in life just sort-of works itself out.

  • Love what you do: I’ve known since I was a kid that I wanted to be a writer. When I wasn’t writing, life sucked. Do you love what you’re doing (for a career or business)? If not, you need to figure out how to do whatever it is that you love to do. Take risks, make sacrifices, but get to that place where you’re doing the thing you love to do. Heck, you spend most of your waking hours working, so you might as well work on something you love, right?
  • Love someone who loves you back: Life isn’t always easy, so when you have someone who shares the road with you, it makes the journey sweeter. My wife is totally awesome and I love her like crazy. She celebrates my successes with me and she listens when I have frustrations (and magically those frustrations are minimized!). You don’t need to have a spouse if that’s not your thing, or if it hasn’t worked out for you. You might have a parent, child, sibling, or friend who fills this role. Ultimately, you want a partner (not necessarily a business partner or a sexual partner — just someone who is aligned with you) to be there with you through thick and thin.

When one or both of these loves are missing, there is a gaping hole in life. Things don’t seem right. Stresses mount up and threaten to knock us down.

When you have these two things in your life, there is a distinct impact on everything else: Life is better; it’s fuller. Problems and stresses are minimized. Challenges seem to be more easily overcome. Rewards seem greater.

Neither are necessarily easy to attain, but when you have them, hold tight to them and cherish them.

And everything else will be okay.

Published by Aaron Hoos

Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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