Product development, pricing, and sales funnel strategy made easy

As your contacts make their way through your sales funnel, some of them will eventually reach the point where they agree that you can help them and they become your customers. So what are you going to sell them? It’s easy to choose a product or service and just pound that one out over and […]

Are your products and sales funnel taking up too much of your time?

I’m working with a client right now who is a budding serial entrepreneur. He’s a hard worker and currently has 4 small businesses built to a point where they are each earning an income at varying levels of profitability. He has ideas for several more businesses and is working with me on the sales funnel […]

Weekly Sales Funnel Challenge: Wrap-up

This week’s Weekly Sales Funnel Challenge was to list your top ten objections. Yikes! I should have thought this one through before issuing the challenge because I was hard-pressed to come up with ten. (I’m sure I’ve faced more than ten objections, but I confess that I don’t write them all down). But I worked […]

How to get funding for your small business with a sales funnel mindset

Many businesses need money to get started and to grow. From loans and lines of credit to venture capitalists and private investors — there are several ways for businesses to get money. But these don’t all work very well for small businesses. Small businesses aren’t likely to get venture cap funding and they probably won’t […]